This year McKnight and Brown marked 64 years in business. A lot has changed in that time but one thing that has not changed is the company's dedicated focus on providing quality product, personal service and attention to detail. Only an independent retailer of long standing can bring the knowledge, expertise and caring that deliver the total shopping experience to their customers. 

We are passionate about style and delight in dressing our customers of all ages to not only look their best but feel confident in their choice of clothing. 


Bernie Brown runs the store with his dream team, including Noel Greig who has worked here for 43 years and Roger Larsen who has been in the industry for more than 30 years. We all share a mutual passion for fashion and customer service, so let us help you out with your styling needs. Whether you have a special occasion or need a wardrobe update, we can't wait to be of assistance to you.



It is more than 64 years since Ron Brown left a background of business in the fruit and grocery trade and joined Bill McKnight, a men's outfitter to form McKnight & Brown Ltd. The name is unchanged as is the core business of retail menswear. 

McKnight & Brown was originally situated at 43 Dee Street. In 1988 the business moved to 53 Esk Street and 10 years later shifted to our current premises at 30 Esk Street.

Despite the recent developments in the Invercargill CBD, McKnight & Brown aren't going anywhere and will remain open throughout the development process. 

The aim of the founders was to offer an extensive range of quality clothing backed up with dedicated personal service. Despite the massive changes in both retail and the clothing industry over the decades, the joint accent on quality and service remains preserved to the present day. 

McKnight & Brown understand the importance of individuality which is reflected in their carefully chosen collection of iconic New Zealand brands and superb international labels. 

The skill, expertise and experience of Bernie, Noel and Roger is the X-Factor that is McKnight & Brown's point of difference. 

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