Real Men Wear R.M. Williams

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

New to McKnight and Brown, R.M. Williams represents rugged elegance, functional durability and timeless style. Its apparel for the hardworking Southern man. Which explains why we chose to dress the Marist boys in R.M. gear for our ad in The Express this week.

R.M. Williams is a company rich in history - just like McKnight and Brown - so we wanted to share a little of the story behind the brand.

Reginald Murray Williams set up the beginnings of his first factory in an iron woolshed behind his father's house in Adelaide. With no capital and little help, he built up a team of dedicated craftsmen and took out advertisements in the rural press that asked customers for cash with their orders, his mail order boot service and an iconic Australian company were born.

These boots, as well as the current range of apparel, have become synonymous with the ‘can-do’ attitude of hard-working Australians, from the outback to the city.

This ‘can-do’ attitude and entrepreneurial spirit is just as at home in Southland as it is in the Australian outback. Marist Rugby Club typifies this spirit through their dedication to the game and ongoing success of the club.

Check out a sample of our R.M. Williams range below and call in to the store to see the full range.

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