Your day is special for us too: Dressing the groom and his groomsmen

It’s a big day and its important everyone is looking their best, including the men in the wedding party. We’re here to help take the stress out of dressing the guys, making sure they look the best they possibly can, and we love being part of preparations for your big day.

For the Ballantyne wedding Simon chose a blue Rembrandt suit with tan details as a brighter and more unique option for their summer wedding. Silver ties and pocket squares with a subtle texture were chosen to compliment the bridal party colours.

To hire or buy? Or a combination?

Hiring your suits can be a great option to help you keep within budget without compromising on quality. Most of our Rembrandt hire suit styles are also able to be purchased new, so if the groom, or any of the groomsmen want a suit they can keep we can do a combination of hire and purchase. Simon chose to purchase his Rembrandt suit and white shirt and the two groomsmen hired the same suit and white shirts.

When to start planning

We recommend you start planning around 3 months before the big day. We recommend you and your partner come and see us so you can decide what you want together. Once you know what you want to do the rest of the guys can come in and be fitted – you can either do this all together or individually when it suits them. If your groomsmen live out of town we can work from their measurements - just make sure you get them measured by a professional to ensure accuracy.

Putting it all together

We can offer the full solution including suits, shirts, shoes, ties, pocket squares and other accessories. We are happy to work with you to come up with a plan that suits both your wedding and your budget so you can be confident knowing the groom is dressed his best.

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Ballantyne for sharing their photos with us!

Photography by Stephanie Renee

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